How do I properly order a Subscription?
First you need to create an account on our website. All billing and shipping info needs to be filled out and saved before ordering a subscription.
How do I Subscribe and receive multiple issues?
Your can order more then one subscription to receive multiple issues. Please specific with your order that you want multiple issues instead of a multiple year subscription.
How do I Subscribe for more than one year?
Our system is set up with auto subscription payment renewal, so you only need to purchase one subscription. At the end of your subscription year, it would automatically renew for another with your payment until you contact your payment provider to cancel the renewal process.
How do I know what Issue # my subscription starts with?
Once you have completed your order, an invoice will be sent to you specifying when you subscription will start. Always check your junk/spam mail as sometimes your invoice will end up there.
Why is my subscription magazine taking so long to arrive?
There is two possibilities for this concern.
-#1: All subscribers magazines get shipped from the printers hot off the press. Once we email the subscription list, all orders after that will start with the next issue to be released which would be a minimum of 2 months. It may seem long, but definitely worth the wait.
-#2: Once all subscription magazines have been shipped out, we now rely on the shipping company to do their job properly by delivering your magazine in a timely manor. Sometimes there can be delays for whatever their reasons are and because it is out of our control, we always ask for some patience with our subscribers as your magazine will arrive. Definitely worth the wait.
What happens if I don't receive my magazine?
If your subscription didn’t expiry and that issue was part of your annual subscription, we can not consider it lost until 2 months after the date it was shipped. If and only then, we can put a claim in and make sure you get you magazine you are missing.
How do I know my "Back issues" I ordered will show up safe?
We have a collector protection option when you are ordering any back issues. This collector protection includes full cardboard protection for your back issue order and full insurance in case something happens. We take the extra step to make sure your back issues are protected. Without this option, we can not put a claim in for missing or damaged purchases upon arrival. We highly recommend adding this option to your order!
When should I expect my CARtoons Merch and Back issues order to be shipped?
To help save our customers on extremely high Canadian shipping costs, all orders are brought across the border and shipped within the USA twice a month. You save over 90% on shipping with this option. The handling time is longer then normal, but definitely worth the wait on savings.
Do you have instructions for applying your Iron-on transfers?
We have Iron-on Application Instructions pictured in each of our Iron-on listings in our website store.
My coupon code didn't work, how do I get my discount on my order?
if you coupon code didn’t work, simply complete you order and email us the code you received. We will then partial refund the discount amount on your order.
How do I become a retailer for CARtoons Magazine?
All you have to do is create an account on our website by filling in all the necessary info and once saved, email us that you would like to become a retailer. we will then change your account status to retailer and next time you log in, you will get the percentage discount price required.
How do I advertise in CARtoons Magazine?
Email us your enquiry to advertise in CARtoons Magazine to We will then send you a link to our advertising website where you will get to choose from our various advertising options with pricing.
How can I submit artwork to possibly be published in CARtoons?
Your can email a high quality scan of your artwork to Please include your full name and hometown. For MiniWheels submissions, please include the age of your little artist.
What are you payment options?
We accept PayPal and Credit Card payments such as Visa, MasterCard and AMEX. Other credit cards, debit-credit cards or debit cards will not work when ordering on our website.
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