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Our next issue of CARtoons Magazine is coming to you in early June and we have a treat for you! Deadline to start your subscription with this issue is on May 9-19!

Celebrate the immortal spirit of car culture!

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CARtoons Magazine is a bi-monthly automotive humor comic book packed with amazing automotive-related stories that are kid-friendly.

This magazine is for kids and the young at heart.

Whether you already are an automotive enthusiast or just getting started, our bi-monthly magazine will entertain and inspire so you can relive memories, create new ones and celebrate the immortal spirit of car culture with us.

Coming soon in issue #21 of CARtoons…

Issue #21 of CARtoons Magazine will have a Gas Monkey Garage appearance cover created by George Trosley. Deuce & Pinstripe by George Trosley (Story by Greg Panneitz) will have a guest appearance by the Gas Monkey Garage Crew.

We have also created a fresh new feature called CARtist Spotlight created by Chet Jasper Reams. Each issue moving forward will feature one of our amazing artists. This issue will feature Steve Austin.

Greg Panneitz’s Hot Rod Harry story continues as you don’t want to miss what happens next. We also welcome back the new comic strip “Max Boost” by Dennis Caco.

New artists are joining us in Issue #21. Matt Smith and Greg Henderson join CARtoons with their new comic strips.

Many of the greats, original CARtoons Artists of the past; Errol McCarthy, Joe Borer, Nelson Dewey, and Don Lomax make an appearance in issue #21. Of course, no issue of CARtoons is complete without Steve Austin & George Trosley!

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