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Kat Ruiz was born and raised in Hialeah, Florida. Living in a culture-filled environment her passion for art was kicked in high gear by her belated father who was also an artist.

His career as an Architect showed Kat that the world around her can be viewed from many different perspectives. The passing of her father was very hard growing up but becoming a mother was the best thing that has ever happened to her & filled the hole she had in her heart. Holding her father’s teachings very close to her heart, art became the most constant entity in her life.

Now Kat gets to pass the knowledge she inherited to her children by sharing her art and love for automotive drawings in CARtoons Magazine!

Embracing the Kustom Kulture world Kat is also making her dreams come true by pinstriping, painting Kustom helmets, car renderings, Kustom shoes and more, Kat plans to stop at nothing and appreciates every door that opens along her path.

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