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Issue 10 – Build Your Own Rocket, by Adam Revson

You wanted it, you got it. The Shart-o-Matic in action, with Rrocketmann at the helm! 45 MPH and no pedaling? Totally awesome!


So, you built your first rocket, and now you’ve got a need for even more speed? Well, we’ve got your prescription right here: Box Maddox’s Cyclone 50 Pulse Jet Engine. It’s a little more advanced than our Shart-o-Matic, but then again it’ll also give you a bigger kick in the pants!


Stop by early and often to see more of Bob Maddox’s rocket-powered creations and head over to for complete kits that you can assemble and bolt to your own crazy contraptions.

Be sure to tune into Bob’s YouTube channel, too!

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