What is CARtoons Magazine?

 CARtoons Magazine came out in the late 50’s and was published/distributed bi-monthly up until the early 90’s. The magazine was based on comic strip stories, how to draw and illustrations from various top name artists reflecting humour within the automotive industry. Basically your comic book for automotive enthusiasts worldwide.

Why Bring CARtoons Magazine back to print?

 When the magazine stopped printing in the early 90’s, many subscribers were confused and upset because there was nothing else like it on the magazine stands. Many had full subscriptions patiently waiting to get there hands on the next issue and then the issues stopped coming. No answers were ever giving as to why the magazine stopped printing. Over 24 years later, a large number of fans of the magazine today, still talk about CARtroons and the stories that were told within. All over social media you will read how CARtoons magazine helped inspired many to get into illustration and comic strips which resulted in careers. They talk about all the stories they enjoyed reading and about the artists that brought these stories and illustrations to life. Also that every fan of the magazine would love to see CARtoons come back to print so they can enjoy what they once loved to read and share with the younger generation. Today there is still nothing like this magazine available until NOW!

Who Owns and Wants to Bring CARtoons Magazine Back to Print?

My name is Marc Methot, a 38 year old male living in Canada who also was inspired by the magazine as an artist and was a subscriber. I remember as a child, I would patiently wait bi-monthly for that new issue of CARtoons to hit the magazine stand so I could read the new stories and check out the wild illustrations done by top artists from all over. I am your typical blue collar worker who was successful on filing for the CARtoons Magazine trademark. So far, the support for bringing this classic magazine back to print has been amazing. CARtoons fans is a huge part of the return of this magazine for everyone of all ages to enjoy once again.

Social Media’s Response:

From CARtoons Magazine Facebook Fan Page:
“Bring it back please.”
“It’d be great to see it return.Myself and at least four friends would subscribe.”
“Yes. Please and thank you!”
“YES!! One of the best Things of going to the store as a kid is picking one up!”
“I would sell my own mother down the river for a chance to be able to buy CARtoons again, and I loves may momma.”
“God yes!!! Me and some buddies had all of them in the day. I’d love to get my 7 year old, gear head son started on them.”
“Where do I send my Subscription? Sign me up as a life member!”
“I’ll take a lifetime Subscription!!!”
‘Sign me up now! I grew up with the magazine and somewhere in my horde of stuff I still have a few!”
“Bring it, we want it…”
and hundreds of other replies have shown the demand on bringing this magazine back to print.


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