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Iron-On Transfer Application Instructions:

 1. Pre-heat the iron. Place the iron between the wool/cotton settings. Do not use the steam setting. Use the highest setting on your iron. (See owner’s manual.) Lay fabric on a hard surface and smooth out any wrinkles and creases. Note: If the fabric is extremely wrinkled or creased you may want to pre-iron the fabric before applying the transfer.

 2. Place the transfer, ink-side down, on the fabric. Note: Design can be cut and rearranged if desired. Press each section one at a time and discard excess paper.

 3. Using firm pressure, move the iron from side to side. Repeat side-to-side motion until entire transfer is heated. Iron should continuously move on each section of the transfer for approximately 90 seconds. Note: The transfer paper may discolor during the ironing process – this is normal.

 4. Seal the edges of the transfer by pressing the outer edges of the design with the tip of the iron.

 5. Carefully lift the corner and peel gently while hot. If the design sticks to the paper, lay the paper back down and repeat the entire process.

 6. Your alternative and best results option would be to find a local company that heat presses transfers. Contact them and have the professionals do it for high quality results.

Enjoy your new design!

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